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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Higher Standards In The Poultry Industry

Through various programs and services, the USDA promotes a competitive and efficient marketplace that benefits U.S. producers and consumers.

Savvy consumers, poultry distributors, and brokers examine the USDA report on the industry to gain insight and to increase market share. DUSAF uses market research to provide higher standards and lower prices for U.S. distributors. Standards allow buyers and sellers to specify the level of quality required or expected for a product without having to see or examine products in advance.

Food Service Operators, Retailers, Manufactures, Brokers Wholesalers, and Exporters, can use the USDA reports to formulate a winning marketing strategy for the Poultry Industry, and According to the USDA AMS Poultry Market News and Analysis, the Quality Factors for Poultry Carcasses, Parts, and Products include:
  • Standards of quality describe the factors that affect these properties in terms of meat yield, fat covering, and freedom from defects such as cuts and tears in the skin, broken bones, and discolorations on the meat and skin.

  • Quality refers to the usability, desirability, and value of a product that determine itsmarketability. Experience and research have identified certain properties in poultrythat are desired by producers, processors, and consumers.

  • Grades apply to poultry of the same kind and class, and are determined based on the intensity, aggregate area, location, and number of defects encountered for each quality factor. The final quality rating (A, B, or C) is based on the factor with the lowest rating.

The highest USDA grade available for whole car is Grade A, a higher standard than grade B or C. Grade A whole carcasses and parts are fully fleshed and meaty; have normal conformation and shape; are free of disjointed or broken bones; are free of feathers; are free of exposed flesh and discolorations.

Grade A boneless-skinless poultry products are free of bone, cartilage, tendons, bruises, blood clots, and other discolorations; are free of cuts, tears, holes, or excess trimming around the outer edges of the product.

Chickens and turkeys are the most common kinds of poultry sold today, often as value-added products. Poultry parts and an increasing number of skinless and/or boneless products are meeting consumer demand for convenient, lower fat, portion-controlled items.

SOURCE: USDA AMS Poultry Market News and Analysis

Poultry Market News covers the supply, demand, and price situation on a regional, national, and international basis for poultry, poultry products, eggs, and egg products.

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